Hop, Hop: Meet Larry.

We got a rabbit!  
Ladies and Gents, meet Larry, our loaner rabbit. 

Larry is on loan from my sister.  Anytime we're outside Anna Ruth can be found standing outside the cage, calling "Laaaary, Laaaary".  She also likes to poke flowers and grass through the holes in his cage for a special snack.  Larry is so, so loved.  :)  

Anna Ruth just loves animals! We're contemplating getting a cat and/or dog now.  Probably a cat first.  I think our little farm girl needs some more animals! 
And of course I couldn't do a post without throwing in some incredibly cute pics of the girls, could I? Anna Ruth can be seen inside with a doll or stuffed toy by her side......almost always.  It's funny to watch her mimic things with her baby she's seen me do with Betsy. (we haven't witnessed her nursing her babies yet-thank goodness, lol) 
Our sweet little Betsy Grace really likes this soft puppy she has her arm around too.  
Isn't she just so lovable?

{What pets do you recommend?}


  1. so. you and your fam are adorable.
    also, love the rabbit! how sweet!

    happy weekend :)

    1. Thank-you Hannah! :) Glad you "stopped by" for a visit.

      Happy Weekend to you too! Hope you got to create some sunshine of your own this weekend. :)

  2. I've always enjoyed dogs; they make my heart smile.


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