hello monday: Celebrating what's right in the world

Hello Monday!!
Hello smile bursting with sunshine,
Hello delicious stack of whole-wheat pancakes,
lovingly made by dear Brett.
Hello warm eyes,
perfect skin,
and drooly baby chin.

Hello smiles from God.
Hello cooking inspiration,
and new weekly menu with tasty things like honey-butter turnips.

{Hello Celebrating What's Right With the World, a mission of sorts, explained below.  Our pastor used some images from their web page, which you can find here. This is my kind of worship and rosy view. Check out their page and leave refreshed.
How easy it is to celebrate a birthday, a marriage, a holiday. How hard it is to hold that same perspective in our daily lives. Everyday we are inundated with messages that tell us what’s wrong with our world. It’s not surprising that we lose sight of all the things that are right with it; of all that is truly worth celebrating. As a photographer, I have a choice of what lens I put on my camera; a choice of how I am going to view the world. I choose to celebrate. Why? Because it imbues me with gratitude, because it allows me to see the best in people and situations, because it fills me with energy.
This website is for those who choose celebration. A gathering place where we can come to share, to learn, to recharge, to take action. To change the world - one celebration at a time.


  1. Hi Sara! I'm visiting from lisa leonard. So glad I found your blog. I love all of the color you have in your home. You can never have too much. So glad I stopped by. Have a great week.


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