Deck dining

There's just something about eating outside that is so satisfying.  Maybe it's the fact that you can let your fried-chicken fingers touch the furniture and not get too worried about it.  Or, it could be the green grass, birds chirping, and "let your hair down" feeling that comes with a back deck. Whatever it is, we love it.  One Sunday we had a fried chicken lunch on the living at it's best.
See how relaxing it is? 

A little taste of what's to come in the garden......
This is the beauty that awaits long conversations between Brett and I after the girls are in bed. 
Dreams are discussed here, memories made.  All right out our back door.

These are some beautiful branches I picked out in the woods, the day before our picnic.  
I pray I always choose deck dining, fried chicken lunches, memories, and dream-maker conversations over a perfectly clean house and staying indoors. 


  1. What a fun lunch adventure! I'm looking forward to getting some furniture for our back yard, so we can have a place to sit and soak up the sun.


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