Beauty found at home...and a DIY idea or two.

On a farm walk one day I noticed these beautiful buds.  Brett picked some for me and they've happily cheered up our dining room table for close to a week.  I'm keeping them in a can wrapped with chevron duct tape and washi tape.  It's actually a vegetable juice can.  If you're watchful, even the most humble of containers can be fancied up :) to something beautiful. 

A good friend of mine brought me some eggs from her chickens! 
Aren't they beautiful?  
This is our entry......I've heard it said that the entry is someone's first impression of your home.  If that's true then ours wasn't making a very honest impression of the rest of our house at all.  I gave it a little update and this is how it looks now! Much better.
 On one wall I strung up some of my favorite magazine clippings and photographs.  
Happiness on a string.  
 The piano is in constant use around here....
and the top now holds an old farm crate full of beauty-inspiring books
along with other knick-knacks that cheer up this space.
 Here's a closer look at our picture wall....
 This is also in our entry! I love the quote 
"What we see depends on what we look for".
So, so true. 

 This is a happy little something I whipped up to cheer a friend. 
A string of bunting is just the happiest thing to make and give..

{What beauty have you found at home lately?}