Special moments.

I love taking pictures.  Sometimes I'm silly and tell Brett I wish my eyes would function like a camera. I could blink and capture an image instantly. Wouldn't that be neat?

I like pictures so much because there's just something about capturing special little moments here and there that add up to such a happy hodgepodge life.  
My mom and dad pointed out these birds outside the window and I ran to get a different lens for the camera to try to capture them.  Just gorgeous! I love yellow, it is definitely my favorite color.  Of course I could find all sorts of inspirational meaning in a photo like this.....the bright color  in the midst of all that dreary grey.  Like spring for the soul.
We are a book loving family.  More than anything though, we're a kid loving family. We try to keep the house where most things are okay for the girls to get and play with.  One day I spotted Anna Ruth reaching to look at some of my books.......special. 
We also love music!  I don't even remember what the name of this instrument is but Anna's "Uncle Jack" brought it over one day.  It is a favorite of hers to get down off the shelf and play.  She also likes to play the piano and we sing all day long it seems.  I feel rather like Julia Andrews a lot of the time. Which is just funny because I remember saying once I would "Never teach kindergarden because they sing so much." Never say never.
Anna Ruth followed me outside one day and I looked up to see this lovely sight.  Isn't she hysterical?  She had put her baby doll dress on her head, placed just so........I guess for a hat?!  So, so funny.

Another special moment, indeed! 

 Betsy Grace's smile is one of the most special, favorite parts of my days.  Her eyes are piercing, she loves a good staring session.  Well really both our girls do. They have a serious look down pat.  But there's something about Betsy's smile...it just melts you.  She's a snuggler too, which I like a lot.  I could cuddle her all day!
Jelly nose....having breakfast for dinner-Anna Ruth's favorite!

{What special moments are filling your days?}