Road Trip: Part 2

I admit-going in to this trip to Little Rock I was nervous about so many different things. I mean, a trip with two under two? Soooooo many little things could go so wrong.  But, I tend to get an oomph of strength when I get nervous that says "Worry, get outta here".  The rose-colored view on travel told me this could be such fun for the girls (and me!).  

And it was, it really was! One of the biggest things the girls liked was the hotel.  Anna Ruth still can't quit talking about it.  The pad of paper and pen, PBS Kids on the t.v., the pack and play crib, it was all fascinating to her.
I don't think I realized how much I needed this trip.  Just the simple change of pace, eating out, and not cleaning up the house for a few days was bliss.  Getting to play with my girls non-stop without thinking about laundry or dirty dishes was such fun.  New sights to see, and treats (like my McDonald's Mocha) refreshed me........I can't really even put my finger on what was so great about getting away.  It was just great.  
One of the extra special places we went was a THREE-story used bookstore downtown!  It's no secret I love books.  I always have at least one book I'm reading, almost daily.  I especially loved the christian fiction section.  I got two christian fiction books and Julia Child's "My Life in France".  I'll write more about the books later. 
This neat art was found hanging in the store.....
and Anna Ruth loved getting in this teepee.  She said "Mama" and patted the floor inside.  And suddenly I found myself cramming my mama body in the teepee with her.  :) 

The bookstore is called the River Market Books and is part of the Central Arkansas Library system. 
This trip confirms my rosy view. This was SUCH fun.  The delight on my girls' faces (specifically Anna Ruth) calmed my nervous thoughts and delighted my heart. Travel and viewing the world as our playground is how my girls and I will move forward!