We went on a trip: The Wonder Place

 hi everyone! 
I'm back for good. Or at least until the next round of lightning takes out our "rural" internet. I've been told being rural means more problems like this. To which I responded "I'll take it".  I love my rural self, broken internet and all.

 We went on a little trip recently to Little Rock. 
I was highly anticipating visiting The Wonder Place and it was every bit as magical and fun as I thought it would be. 
 Art, water play, velcro blocks, puzzles and books, puppets, dress-up, tunnels, slides, and steps, play grocery store, baker's area.............all at Anna Ruth's level.
 Sweet little Betsy Grace even got in on the fun!!
 Anna Ruth simply could not get enough of this water table.  No matter what else she played with she went back to it again and again.  The capes they had to wear to keep the kids dry? 
Couldn't keep her in one!  She wiggled right out. :) So, on she went-wet shirt and all.

 I had more fun with this tunnel than Anna did.  You got to push a fuzzy ball in the door at the bottom and it shot through all the tubes and spit it out at the end. 
So fun!
 The sand table was another favorite of Anna's....

We were at the Wonder Place for three hours and Anna Ruth didn't stop running the entire time.   She absolutely loved this place! I did too....
it was such a bright, happy, inviting space.  Just ready for creativity galore.
My creative/teaching mind was thoroughly inspired.  

{More trip pics coming, and daily posts on all other things Rosy....stay tuned}


  1. Welcome, welcome back!!!! I've never heard of this place but it is now ony to do list!! Fabulous post- glad you got to have some good fun!!

    1. I found this place through Google I think (or Trip Advisor) but it was my big sister's recommendation that really pushed me to go. It is one of the best places for kids I've ever been!! You should definitely add it to a must see list.


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