Extra-special Easter

 I sure do love Easter. I read a quote on FB (don't know who said it) basically saying that Easter either means everything to you, or nothing at all. I get that.  I am so, so thankful I have been redeemed by a God who is SO alive.  Did you get that? Not just alive-SO alive. 
He loves me.  He cares about my mama heart. He cares about my whole heart-my dreams and wishes. He fills my life with "grace notes"........continuous moments where I whisper a "Thank-you for grace in this moment. " 
 We went to my parents house, Granna and Poppa, to celebrate!  There was delicious food galore, an easter egg hunt, treats, fun, giggles, and lots of love.  Oh, and beautiful weather! 

 Our sweet and ornery family! So delighted to have Betsy Grace in the picture this year.
 I just had to include this one. You can't tell me that's not funny!
 Anna Ruth's hair is so long and pretty....
I'm thinking of getting it trimmed up in a couple of months if my mama heart can bear it.
It looks pretty red lately too, which I especially like. 
 Did you know I'm a twin? 
It's always amusing to me when I meet someone new, or find out someone's been reading the blog and realize they had no idea I was a twin.  So, meet my twin. :) She is my best friend. 

 Aren't these spring blooms beautiful? So dainty and pretty..
 My dad is such a proud Poppa of his grandkids. I think he had the best seat in the house in this one....
Another Easter, another year to celebrate the awesomeness that is living for God. 
I couldn't do a second of life without Him. He is so, so alive! I pray you feel Him loving on you today.