This takes the cake.

 I baked a cake! Hooray! 
I am proud of this because although I love to bake (and especially love to EAT baked goods) I don't bake that often. Hardly ever.  It is one of my hobbies I told Brett recently I have so many hobbies and so little time :).  So for Easter I made a layered Carrot Cake. I froze some of it to save for later to keep myself from eating all of it. 
 It was delicious! The recipe was from Vintage Cakes, which is the cookbook I mentioned in this post.
 I've also been wishing for a shelf somewhere in our kitchen or dining room to display all my pretty favorites.  I didn't feel like hanging one on the wall (ok, so I'm known to change my mind a lot and didn't feel like putting Brett through that, lol) so I made my own with two mason jars and a neat piece of wood. 

I told Brett it was either tacky or creative. I like to think creative. :) 
This is another favorite spot of mine in our kitchen. Coffee-duh. I love coffee......but I like having a bucket full of good, happy reads close by too.  Are you thinking that I sit for hours on end with coffee in hand and good read in mind? 

Not really. It's usually coffee in hand, girls giggling, feeding girls, a sip here and there, Anna Ruth saying "hot coffee", and maybe a stolen glance at a good read or two.   And that my friends, takes the cake.


  1. I think your shelf is creative! :) Love it.

    1. Thank-you friend! Glad someone else appreciated my meager efforts :)


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