Growing our Garden

 It's official-
we have a REAL garden! Whooohooo! This is something we've talked about for two years and haven't ever done.  Numerous reasons for that...but mostly because we stood in our own way. Not this year!  Brett has worked really hard to find the perfect spot for our garden and bring over lots of "dirt", well country dirt that is.  So lots of manure is in the mix. :) 
 Anna Ruth adores the garden........she's happy as she can be stomping around in the mud.  She got this adorable pink shovel and Hello Kitty watering can from us for Easter.  She tries so hard to imitate everything her Dada does and likes to dig with her shovel. 

*Note the baby doll tucked under her arm while throwing out grass seed.  She is a very enthusiastic helper!  We have so many rocks in our yard so Brett spread some manure mud around and then Anna and I threw grass seed on it.  Hopefully it'll produce at least a little bit of grass! 
I admit, I'm not big on manicured city lawns but something other than pure rock would be nice.
We are a tractor lovin' family! Anna Ruth likes getting to go for rides on Brett's lap on the tractor. I remember the first time he let her ride on it I was driving into town and cried, sick with worry the whole time. Silly me.  Since then she's taken numerous rides on the "tracta" and has more fun each time.  No worries here, her Dada's strength for her is fierce! 

{Sweet Betsy Grace was asleep during this gardening session.  Our little bright-eyed girl wasn't left out!}