We're Baaaaaaack!!

 Because of several moments of grace all lining up at once, I get to do some blogging today :).  Hoooray! I miss being able to post the little moments with my girls.  Aren't they getting so big? 
 I love seeing a mini Brett and mini me.  
I can just hear Anna's brain thinking "What'll happen if I tug Betsy's ear?"
They really do love each other.  Betsy Grace follows Anna Ruth with her serious gaze and often gets an ear-to-ear smile when Anna returns the favor with her pretty blue eyes. 
 Love the colors in this post,
mostly because they represent a lot of love put into the handmade quilts my momma has blessed us with! 

 One of our favorite social outings of the week is playgroup!  One of the mama's did such a creative, cute job for her little girl's birthday party!  Such inspiring decor and the kids had a blast!
I especially loved her chalkboard door. Think I could pull this off and get Brett to love it too?

{I'm back with daily posts so ya'll come back soon, k?}