DIY Spool Holder: Pins on Parade

I'm excited to implement the first post of "Pins on Parade", a nod to one of my resolutions for 2013.  Read this post if you missed my resolutions for the year.  One of my pinterest inspirations was a spool holder used for photos, cards, or quotes.  I was inspired by this picture.  I like that you can make your own spool holder (made from a spool of thread) as fancy or plain as you like.  As you can see, I left this spool holder completely plain.  The lovely shade of green was enough for me :), but you could easily embellish this a bit more if you chose.

I had these cards for each month of the year and knew I wanted to display them somehow in the house. I tucked the January card next to the kitchen sink where I will see it often.  I just love the image of the girl with her hands and arms wide open-just ready and waiting for what 2013 brings.  I'm praying my heart and spirit is just as open and ready.