The best photographer-YOU

If you read that title and thought I was bragging on my photography skills then you are quite mistaken! 
I decided I wanted to get some pictures captured of my girls.  I took Anna's picture all the time when she was little and had such fun with it. 

Plus, let's be honest-it is very expensive and time-consuming to have professional shots done.  And with an 18-month old and 6-week old.....well, it just wasn't sounding very do-able for us right now!
So, over the course of one of our days at home I tried to be intentional about capturing a moment here or there that showed my girl's true character, habits, and personalities.  

I set up cute props and got them both dressed in cute outfits. (a major deal around here-they were both out of their jammies and it was still morning time!) :) 
Are you noticing how none of the photos (with the exception of the jammy one) includes BOTH girls?

These photos almost turned out to be a disaster.
Actually, scratch that.  The ones I attempted with both girls were. a. DISASTER.  Anna Ruth truly loves Betsy Grace and wants to show her plenty of attention.  So I tried to have Anna Ruth sit on a bigger suitcase next to Betsy Grace.  Oh my. Mayhem!  Anna started hitting Betsy on the head (thinking she was patting her I guess?) and then was kicking and giggling. 

I disciplined her and she just giggled like I'd told a funny joke.  So, the photo session with the both of them was officially over. LOL.  I like the pictures I got of them individually though!  

A lot of times-I think we're the best photographers of our kids because we can catch a look, laugh or smile here and there throughout the day.