Somewhere over the rainbow...

It rained one day.  This is such a big deal because we are currently in the middle of a drought.  Or I suppose we are at least.  The lake is so, so low that some of the boat docks around these parts are now on dry land.  
Anna woke up from her nap and I noticed that it was so sunshiney (I made that word up) out back that the water on the trees was just sparkling.  And then the best part was that I noticed it was really, really dark at the front of the house.  Perfect weather for a rainbow hunt! 

Betsy Grace was still asleep so I put Anna on my hip (instant carrier, lol) and we stood on the back deck admiring the sparkle water drops on the trees and then went to the front porch and saw this beautiful rainbow!  I got so excited I was behaving like a schoolgirl.  Why not? All those pretty colors in the sky! Anna was as equally delighted. :) Rainbows always remind me that God keeps his promises...
In other news-I want to hear from you!  I'd love to do a post (or two) showing what crafty stuff you've been up to. Or delicious food you've cooked.  Or a time-saver you've devised (especially if you're a mama).  Let me hear it!  If you have a craft, DIY project, sewing idea, or delicious food you've cooked lately, e-mail me a picture at and a few words or two if you'd like. 

I'd love to feature you on The Rosy Life! :) As much as I love posting about my own life, I'm just so intrigued by what you are up to.  Do share. :)