DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

So apparently embroidery hoops are all the rage now.  Who knew?  These things have been around forever and I don't know what made them popular, but it's fine by me! Same with bunting.  :)  Who knew what made hanging little flags of paper or fabric so popular all of a sudden, but I'm totally on board.

This is a section of a wall in our house that I just love.  It's made up of two Sarah Jane studios art prints, which you can find here, a wood carving my Daddy bought us at Terra Studios (made locally), and a piece made by my good friend Naomi (the rectangle piece-it says "And then there were 4....2012"

One of the best parts? I hung these all up with straight pins which keeps me nail-despising husband happy too.  He does have a right to despise them....I just love changing my mind. :)
These hoops were all thrifted.  I pretty much always buy embroidery hoops when I happen across them at the thrift store.  I wrapped fabric around the edges of the hoops for some color. And used the orange polka dot fabric for a nice cheery background.
 Happy hooping!