I'm back! Resolutions and all!

Hi everyone! I am so happy to be back to blogging. I hope you'll join me in the new year and read along with The Rosy Life! You can easily subscribe to my posts, or follow by e-mail.  Just see the right-hand side of my blog to sign up! 
So, although I've been on a "break", I've still been blogging!   I have plenty of posts scheduled, on an almost daily basis.  Sometimes people (usually fellow moms) ask me-How do you have time to blog? The truth is, my blogging happens a lot of times when I'm needing to be up with Betsy Grace anyway (and it would definitely not be my top choice to be up).  Middle-of-the-night feedings for example! It is my rest, my outlet, my "me". I'm very excited to announce that some of my Christmas present this year is a new blog look!  A sweet gal is designing some new things for me that you'll see later this month!
Since I've been gone (Kelly Clarkson song, anyone?), Betsy Grace turned one month old! Anna Ruth went from "mo", to "wo", to a full-on "no".  Complete with shake of head and furrowed eyebrows. Heaven help us :)

I have compiled my yearly list of Resolutions and thought I'd share. I'll be blogging throughout the year to let you know how these are going. 
1.) Pins on Parade: Less pinning, more doing.  I'll be sharing my Pinterest inspirations, and be challenging myself to complete my inspirations, not just click and save.
2.) Baker's Dozen: One fancy dessert (no chocolate chip cookies) baked a month.
3.) Back to books: Compiling and reading a list of books that are forever piquing my interest.
4.) Worship(ful): Spending_______amount of time in true worship and giving prayers of thanks (not just desperate cries for help with the babies) each day.
5.) Marriage Course: Reading a particular marriage book and spending more time dating and falling more in love with Brett. E-mail me if you want the name of the book (not everything needs to be blogged you know) 
6.) Art journal: Create some type of art journal.  Possibly take this course along the way.
7.) Rosy Retreat: Put my collection of thoughts for hosting a creative, one-day retreat into action...with the first ever Rosy Retreat (and hopefully more to follow) Watch for details.

What do you resolve to do in 2013?