Merry Monday

 Today was a merry start to the week.
We met our friends Kristen and Zoey at the Fayetteville Library for Baby Bookworms....
a.k.a. CHAOS. :) I'm used to a lot of noise and activity but this was over the top!
 I think it's safe to say the girls enjoyed it more when we ventured off to the children's area afterwards. Zoey was so sweet so show Anna Ruth how to do everything-including working puzzles!

 Anna enjoyed "looking" (chewing) at books and playing with this plastic bag. She seemed to have a good time! It's fun hanging with new friends. :)

Then we came home and enjoyed some beautiful weather outside. Glorious sun....birds, blue sky.
There is no more relaxing, healing, inspirational, dreamy place than outside. :)


 We got up Saturday morning and Brett said he'd take me wherever I wanted to go.
I chose the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Fayetteville. I haven't ever been there and I like to try most thrift stores at least once. This one ended up being awesome! Brett even got an extremely nice suit jacket for $8. My powers of influence have officially been put to use full force. :) Anyhow, I always have a running list of DIY projects in my mind.. just watching for the right tools to make them happen.
So this is the "BEFORE" lamp I bought for $6.

A few good coats of paint, hot glue, and fabric later and it's looking a lot less Salvation Army and a lot more "Sara". :)
What's even better? That's chalkboard paint on the base of the lamp. :) What will I write there? Who knows? Who cares! What fun! :)

Oh my...

Is this not the sweetest?
Today is a day of sun, thrifting, family, time laughing with Brett this morning, homemade breakfast, polka-dot scarf wearing, homemaking, and praising God for hope, peace, and JOY. :)

Craft happy :)

  I hosted a craft/girls' night at the house last night. It was so much fun!
I laid everything out while Anna was napping so I got some sunny shots of our craft supplies to make coffee filter garlands with.
 I decorated these bags for our popcorn bar!
 The mini water bottles were easy and fun to spruce up too. Fabric, jute, and hot glue! Nothing to it. :)

 Imagine popcorn in the bowls on the left...and m and m's, coconut, brown sugar, peanuts, cheese crackers, marshmallows, spices, and butter on the stacked trays and you have a look at what our popcorn bar was like! I didn't get any good pictures before the night started...but this is how the set-up was. Love our island.

 Getting our craft on! I was so excited about all the girls who came and jumped right in to crafting.

 I quickly showed everyone how to make the garlands and then let the fun begin! I had fabric scraps and scrapbook paper out for everyone to use....I looved everyone's garlands! Such creativity!
 The happy host :)

 Great job Amanda! I loved her garland. :)
 Could this pic be any cuter? My sweet twin who drove quite a ways to come. :) Someday we'll love close together....what a day that will be!

 Ashley was so creative! She made hearts out of different red papers to go on the ends of her garland. So festive and perfect in time for Valentine's Day.
This picture makes me sigh with happiness.
Crafting, hosting, creativity, and real friendships are my happy. :)

Rip. Tear. Smile. :)

 One day I found a 1/2 price sale at the local thrift store. If you know me well at all then you know I love a good thrift store! So, I purchased some old books. It sure is rewarding to rip and tear an old book and make something new/different with it. I'm a book lover-and yet I admit I love a good throw down with an old book! You should try it :) 
For this project I started with an old frame, and some torn strips from the old book. I started hot gluing the strips on the inside part of the frame.
 I then pulled the strip to the front side of the frame, and wrapped it around all the way to the back again. I hot glued each strip in place until the whole frame was covered.
 Last I quickly cut some triangles from my current favorite feedsack fabric and made a few strands of bunting. I hot glued these to the middle...and ta da! Something new to hang on the door.

I've learned as a stay-at-home mom how to think differently about crafting/decorating. Although I'm "in town" enough to have access to all kinds of decor being on one income has taught me to see things through new eyes. I've learned to look at what I have and make something I love out of it. It might not be everyone's style..or even look good to all. But-it's me. It's my style and if I'm happy with it it's good enough for me!
Decorate confidently today!

Mamarazzi: Lesson 1

I love photography. One of my new year's goals was to get better at it. We have a nice camera.
I just haven't made the time to learn how to do anything other than point and shoot with it.
While I'm not expecting to become the next Ansel Adams, I do think there's room for improvement. 
I bought the book Mamarazzi: Every Mom's Guide to Photographing Kids.
The first "lesson" that stuck-Jot down every word that comes to mind when you think of your kids. These are things you want to capture. This is your child now!
Next, what is it your child loves to do? Focus on an activity your child loves-and you'll end up with beautiful and natural images of your kids. The key is to let them do what they want. Let them control the photo shoot. Your job is to faciliate the fun..and capture it!
So yesterday we headed outside and played..and I got some pictures I love of Anna. They very much "captured" her personality at seven months. :)
Another quick tip-in Windows Photo Gallery, go to "Fix" photo, and then use the Adjust Exposure control to vary the brightness and contrast. Better coloring/lighting instantly! (for people like me who aren't professionals and don't have the current time or money to learn photoshop or expensive equipment!)

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