Craft happy :)

  I hosted a craft/girls' night at the house last night. It was so much fun!
I laid everything out while Anna was napping so I got some sunny shots of our craft supplies to make coffee filter garlands with.
 I decorated these bags for our popcorn bar!
 The mini water bottles were easy and fun to spruce up too. Fabric, jute, and hot glue! Nothing to it. :)

 Imagine popcorn in the bowls on the left...and m and m's, coconut, brown sugar, peanuts, cheese crackers, marshmallows, spices, and butter on the stacked trays and you have a look at what our popcorn bar was like! I didn't get any good pictures before the night started...but this is how the set-up was. Love our island.

 Getting our craft on! I was so excited about all the girls who came and jumped right in to crafting.

 I quickly showed everyone how to make the garlands and then let the fun begin! I had fabric scraps and scrapbook paper out for everyone to use....I looved everyone's garlands! Such creativity!
 The happy host :)

 Great job Amanda! I loved her garland. :)
 Could this pic be any cuter? My sweet twin who drove quite a ways to come. :) Someday we'll love close together....what a day that will be!

 Ashley was so creative! She made hearts out of different red papers to go on the ends of her garland. So festive and perfect in time for Valentine's Day.
This picture makes me sigh with happiness.
Crafting, hosting, creativity, and real friendships are my happy. :)


  1. The first craft night was a huge success!! :) Thanks for hosting it! It was so much fun!! Love you!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun. Makes me even sadder I couldn't make it!! The popcorn bar has my mouth watering. Great idea! Love it all. Your mustard sweater is TDF! Cute.

  3. Sooo fun!! I wish I could have been there. Everything looked adorable. :)


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