Merry Monday

 Today was a merry start to the week.
We met our friends Kristen and Zoey at the Fayetteville Library for Baby Bookworms....
a.k.a. CHAOS. :) I'm used to a lot of noise and activity but this was over the top!
 I think it's safe to say the girls enjoyed it more when we ventured off to the children's area afterwards. Zoey was so sweet so show Anna Ruth how to do everything-including working puzzles!

 Anna enjoyed "looking" (chewing) at books and playing with this plastic bag. She seemed to have a good time! It's fun hanging with new friends. :)

Then we came home and enjoyed some beautiful weather outside. Glorious sun....birds, blue sky.
There is no more relaxing, healing, inspirational, dreamy place than outside. :)


  1. AHHH that hat is so adorable. LOVE IT. We have been doing storytime since about eight months old with Amelia...isn't it wild? Haha. I love reading about your girl.


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