Comparison Sites.

This just about sums it up doesn't it?
I didn't write this.
I read it on a blog and it made me ponder for quite some time.
There's a quote going around on Pinterest that says
"Comparison is the thief of joy."
Funny how sources like Pinterest are often our biggest comparison sites.
Don't believe me? Look at how many of the "before" and after weight loss pics there are.
Or pics saved of the perfect hair or clothes.
It's okay to get ideas...but your inspiration shouldn't turn into envy.
It does though sometimes. Mine even does!
More on that later. :)
But for now-remember everyone's human. Everybody's house gets messy...they eat badly sometimes...their kids aren't perfect. All people say hateful things, get angry.
All people are still loved by God..highly valued...and so unique.
There is no one like us....not a single person even close.
I'm so glad God made me ME.....I want to honor Him by being the best version of myself.
Not always wanting something else.


  1. Well said! Thanks for that. I needed to hear that today.


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