There's an App for that

 Even though we have an Ipad, I'm not normally into Apps.
Until I found the hipstamatic app. I'm probably behind in discovering it.
 I love the look of photos taken with this app.
I'm warning you-more pics with this app to come. :)
 Anna and her favorite "toys".
She adores her oatmeal container, kleenex box, coffee can, anything safe for her to roll, pick up, knock over, or chew on.

I enjoy my time in the evenings chatting with Brett, drinking something hot, reading, playing with the Ipad, discussing the scripture, a clean face, and the anticipation of rest. :) 
Funny Anna story: On pretty days we take a quilt and toys out to the backyard to play.
Yesterday I packed up a mini cabbage patch doll.
At first I made the doll kiss Anna and she smiled.
Then I sat the doll down in front of Anna.
She looked and looked it over...eyebrows going all over the place.
Then she turned her lip down and cried... :(
I waited a few minutes and tried it again (not to be mean, just to see if it would be a repeat reaction).
She once again stared at the doll, with lip down and tears.
Needless to say the doll got to hide behind my back for the rest of our time outdoors.
Silly girl. :)


  1. Quit scaring your poor little daughter with thos scary cabbage patches!! Hahaha. That is too funny.


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