rosy in the real life: Week 1

Week 1 of what, you're wondering? 
Of this! 
I've been giving my blog some thought and would like to get back to more regularly scheduled posts, sharing things like my everyday life and the rosy I see, books I've read and music I've loved, recipes and food, and the art that I'm creating or making behind-the-scenes.  

Today, let's start with this: the rosy in my real life.  I have phone snaps of this and that, things that have made me smile.  I imagine you do too.  I'm always a huge cheerleader for actually DOING something with our photos, even if that means letting a friend, a blog, or your own eyes revisit your moments to give you a visual reminder of the richness of life.  I don't share a lot of phone snaps typically.  I have an old iPhone 5 and while I don't think the camera necessarily determines the artistic level of your photo, I DO prefer the quality of a DSLR.  Sorry iPhone, there is a certain craft and quality that my Nikon possesses that you just don't have.  And yes, I've even seen the fancy pics the iPhones take. I'm just old school and "to each their own."  This, is my own.

Here's a look at a series I am going to continue regularly, the rosy in my real life!

Let's start with this adorable photo of my girls.  We went to our Farmer's Market and the most amazing, creative lady had an epic face-painting booth set up.  The girls were transformed within a matter of minutes!  
I like the vibe going on here. 
Captured my sweet hubby taking a moment.  Actually, being patient on his girls while we were enamored with the face painting. 
My favorite local chocolate is Markham and Fitz!
Rainbows spotted in the back of Brett's truck, among the junk. 
Beauty, waiting to be seen.
I love being a working mama! 
I love my job! :) 
Saying "see you later" to our most favorite library lady EVER.  
This lady right here is the sole reason the Springdale Public Library became such a safe haven and special, fun place for my family and I.  I used to roll into the library with my massive double stroller, Cheerios carefully laid on the trays, holding my breath and hoping it would sustain the girls long enough for us to get some books.  And if we were lucky, maybe for me to even get a book or two.  Inevitably it would seem like every time one of the girls would end up doing the limp noodle.  You know what I mean-making their bodies as limp as a noodle and sliding out of the stroller, tears cascading the entire time.  Oh my word, it was hard and mortifying.  But Miss Erin kept being SO kind and telling us to come back, that it would get easier and easier if we kept making this a part of our routine and a habit. 

She was right.  So right. 
The library, over time, became such a fun, joyful place for us to go.  We became friends with Miss Erin and grew to truly love her.  She has a new baby and is starting on a new work adventure so we went to her going away party at the library.  This lady is pure gold.
Cleaning off the counters and minimizing junk has made for a great start to the school year! 
That blue Ikea cart now holds all the school papers, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. we need to get out of the door in the morning!

We had another very fun trip to the fair this year!
We got to meet up with my older sis and her kids. 
There is nothing better than the fair with cousins!

For the past three weeks we've had a major fireplace/roof reno happening at our house. 
While it was difficult for my introvert self to have extra people around the house after coming home from work, our fireplace guy did an excellent job! 
Locals, if you need a fireplace guy-message me!
Loving Old Navy clothes lately. :) 
Even if their pants sizing isn't always accurate.  
Such cute, cute stuff there lately!
This patch of light made me gasp. 
It was shimmering and moving across the floor because of the wind outside. 
Loving this lipstick! 
Two kinds really: 

And that's all for now folks! Off to work I go. 

Tell me-what is bringing the rosy in your real life? 

Sunlight on a Saturday morning.

Last Friday as soon as my foot stepped off the school steps my mind started thinking "It's Friday!!" over and over.  I haven't felt a true weekend in at least seven years, the weekends kind of just feeling like an extension of the week.  Not so as a working mom.  The weekend felt VERY exciting and different. 

Saturday morning we woke up to the most glorious sunshine.  At first glance I decided I would simply take a photo of the view from the back deck.  Then all it took was one glance at a shining spiderweb and the yard was calling.  
Bare feet and all, I quietly crept around the yard, camera in hand.  The world was just simply so ALIVE this particular morning. I even climbed over the fence in my dress and captured the spider webs shimmering in the cow pasture.  There really just isn't anything else on earth like a foggy, webby morning on the farm.  

This is the view from afar.  It's pretty, isn't it?  But it's only when I got really close that the webs, dew drops, and sunshine really started to shine.  There's just something about looking closely, isn't there? 

Perhaps the same could be said of the people in our worlds? 

Happy Friday, my rosy friends.  

The Rosy List

Freshly-picked bouquets from my own yard
A "kindness matters" bracelet
Listening to 80's rock and cleaning the house
Rain in bucketfuls 
Brett's grilled chicken wings
A new, safe fireplace (chimney fires, be gone!)
The anticipation of my upcoming birthday (hello 35!)
You've Got Mail
Teaching Sunday School with Brett
Extra time with my girls
Looking at my dog through the window
Diving into a good book
Seeing friends at the Farmer's Market
Local chocolate and kombucha
Feeling great physically, mentally, and emotionally
Loving being a working mom
A Saturday morning full of spiderwebs and magical fog
Having something to look forward to
The county fair coming this week
The girls' Lego creations
Making time to paint
A clean, organized house (for the most part)
Comfy shoes (Born brand, fyi)
Booking a camping trip

**What would you add to this list?**

Remember friends, my life is far from perfect.  I'm intentionally sharing what brings me joy in these lists, choosing not to share the hard or things that hurt. Focusing on the rosy and joyful is simply good medicine for my soul.  I hope you feel encouraged. 

Be More Us.

Happy Sunday folks! 
Sunday is usually a day I'm not on technology much, but I saw this video yesterday and before I knew it tears were filling my eyes. 

All of this. 
I can say after working in an elementary school for only a week I see how better at fun and communicating kids are than us, as adults.  I have cafeteria duty twice and day after day I see and hear students talking to one another, laughing, asking questions, and being kind.  Being friends.  I wonder what it would look like if a group of adults were asked to give their phones up, sit down together at tables, and try to be friends?

I think we have a lot to learn from this one little video. 

A peek into a photo shoot with my best friend's family and her horses!

Meet one of my best friends in the world. 
This is Kristin and she lives right down the road from me.  In the country if we can get to each others houses within a couple of minutes, we call that good enough to be neighbors. 

So not only is she one of my best friends, she is also my neighbor.  From the almost daily waves at her van driving past, to running out to the fence in the evenings to chat I am just so truly thankful for this gal.  She has seen me at my worst, my best, and usually somewhere right in-between.  

Kristin also has horses and for a photo shoot "first" we included them in the session with her beautiful family.  There was just so. much. joy in this shoot!! I love Kristin's kiddos and her husband is the sweetest to she and the kids.  We laughed and laughed, the whole shoot long. In fact, my face hurt from laughing so hard afterwards.  I lost count how many times I teared up editing these.  This is a family that has figured out how to live and love richly.  I think you'll be able to tell. 

Enjoy a look at a very special photo shoot! 

Interested in booking your own photo shoot on my farm, in your home, or at another location? 
Email me at and let's chat! 

(Now is especially a good time to book sessions for your Christmas cards! Don't wait until it's too late!)

hello from school girls and a working mom!

Morning friends! We are one day into school, starting on Day 2.  I have just a few minutes to pop in.  More accurately, about three minutes.  You know I don't do short well. 

But you all and this space have been on my mind.  How are you, truly?  Has your school year started well, whether you homeschool or do public?  Are jitters mixed in with joy? 

We are getting in the swing of things and getting used to me working while the girls are at school.  It has been working really well so far, meaning everyone has been fed, dressed, and to school on time.  For a couple days in, I'll take it. 

I'm going to be popping in here over the next few weeks probably a bit sporadically. I have photos galore taken, but not edited or culled through.  I plan to catch up in the next few weeks. 

Until then will you please comment and tell me how you are and what you would like to see more of on the blog this fall?  I adore spilling my heart here but also hope to blog more frequently with other topics like favorite recipes, books, podcasts, or clothes.  Don't worry, I won't become a full-time lifestyle or fashion blogger, lol.  That'll never happen! :) 

Just lend me your thoughts on what you come away with from this space, or at least what you would LIKE to come away with. 

Until then, I'm cheering you on and hoping you get a few minutes with some breathing room, a cup of coffee or matcha tea, and some good music in the background. 

Leave me your comments! I'll read them and try really hard to respond promptly. :) 

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