As your photographer, I want to capture the breath-taking, beautiful, raw moments that are both real-life and rosy.  I want to capture the way the light shines on your child's silhouette, the natural expressions and emotions that come to the surface, the quirks, breath, and bond you and your people share.  I want to capture your smiles, your sadness, and everything in-between.

I want you and your tribe to show up, play, love, and just be together.  
I want to show up in your home to document the daily rhythm that is currently your story.  It doesn't need to be perfect or planned out or posed.  In fact, I would rather it not be.  It just needs to be you.  THIS is what you'll want to remember 10 years down the road-the story.  The deep laughs, the gritty truths, the true human connection and expression.  A perfect pose can't do all that. 

I specialize in lifestyle photography, capturing life as is.  
Moments and snapshots like those tiny footprints on the floor, that soon will be wiped clean and new memories replacing them.  
I show up to each session vowing to be myself, to be relaxed and comfortable.  I want you to do the same.  I offer two types of sessions.  Session one takes place on my farm, for a time period of an hour to an hour and a half.  
 Session Two is an in-home session, where I hang out in your home for two and a half to three hours, as your family goes about its natural rhythm and routine.

Each type of session also includes a film.  I film or capture photographs during the entire time we are together.  The films are set to music so there's no pressure to worry about what you're saying the entire time.  These films take memory-making to a whole new level.  Below is an example of a recent film.  Feel free to visit the "Film" tab above to view some of my additional work.

 You matter.
Your story is enough.
Your life is worth documenting.