Handmade journals by my sweet friend!

Hi friends! I am excited to introduce you to a friend of mine today and show off her beautiful, handmade journals!  Andrea and I met at a craft weekend at Meg's Craft House (most of you will know what I mean) a year or so ago.  We really hit it off and have met up for playdates since then.  She's a mama, home schools her boys, has a huge heart for Jesus, decorating, and loving others.  

She also makes these gorgeous, handmade journals!  With Christmas coming up I am giving a lot of intentional thought about what I buy, and who I purchase it from.  I don't mind a few big box purchases but I do find it extra meaningful to order a handmade item that was created with love.  

Andrea binds these herself!
You can even use your child's artwork (or your own) for the cover!

Andrea also does journal/scrapbooking parties.
This would be perfect for your small group, holiday party, or to give as a Christmas gift!

The cost for 4 or less people is $50 per person. 
For groups of 5 or more, the cost is $40 per person. 

The journal prices are: 
Writing journals $15
Sketch/Art/Bullet $20
Junk journals $25
Booklet journals $5
Notepads $8

You can find Andrea here:

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