Pretty in pink: A pumpkin centerpiece!

Last weekend I had the honor of helping decorate for a baby shower.  Not just any baby shower, but one thrown in honor of a baby GIRL, the first girl in a family of three boys.  

I put my thinking cap on and in-between thinking about the everyday tasks that make up my days I dreamt up this little centerpiece.  
 I painted the pumpkins myself, my sister purchased the flowers in the Mason jars, and the candles and holders are all from Dollar Tree.  Gold-spray paint to the rescue! I simply taped off the bottom of the jars and painted them gold.  
The string lights are battery-powered ones I had from a great sale on Amazon and the greenery is sage from our herb garden. 
 The tops of the pumpkins were painted with pink craft paint. 
This centerpiece was so much fun to work on! 
Maybe you're in a super busy season of life like I am and your creating time is very minimal. 

I've found that inserting little bits of creativity and art into my days here and there really puts some wind in my sails for all the other tasks of life. 

If you're hosting Thanksgiving, I think this centerpiece would be lovely!
You could even put squash or gourds in the middle, instead of pumpkins. 
How about picking a different herb or using beautiful leaves to gather around the centerpiece instead of sage? 

The possibilities are endless.
Isn't that fun?!

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