I was posting a daily rosy list on Instagram and then life caught up to me and I stopped. 
But, the gratitude inklings haven't stopped.  Little thoughts here and there drop into my mind throughout the days.  So for this Monday, I present #therosylifelist. 

music and the radio and singing in the car
Christy Nockel's lullaby cd
reading with a cup of tea
early morning fog
Converse shoes
pink pumpkins
Gilmore Girls
breathing deep
homemade burritos
a clean kitchen
Brett's beard
chatting with the neighbors
heart rocks
laughing at "Pumpkin", the naughty cow that gets in our yard daily
cooler weather
the sound of the heater
Halloween excitement
texts from family
browsing Barnes and Noble
wearing layers
greens growing in the garden again
hydrangeas blooming
colorful leaves
Ranger rides
checking the cows
taking photos

Your turn.  :) 


  1. Gilmore Girls,YES and so much more YES on your list!Love it!

    1. I could watch Gilmore Girls every day for the rest of my life! I have so many favorite episodes and lines that pop into my head. :) Glad you like it too! :)


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