Once Upon a Time books: a local field trip!

Local friends, I have a super fun spot to share with you today! 
Once Upon a Time books is both an online retailer and store located in Tontitown and it is amazing!!
I've often said that I'm not a shoe gal, but a food and book gal. Meaning, if I have extra money odds are I'm going to spend it on a book! I just adore reading and get so much more enjoyment and relaxation out of a book than I do the t.v.! 

We often buy used books on Amazon, but I had no idea this gem of a store was in my area! 
Once Upon a Time has thousands of books available to buy online and anyone, near or far, can purchase! For those of us in the Northwest Arkansas area, we can then pick up our purchases for free at the retail store in Tontitown. 

The store is very well organized! We browsed the kids book for a really long time.  Most books were $1, with some costing a bit more like $2 or $3. We were excited to find a whole stack of Eye Spy books, which we are all (even me!) very into lately.
We also made it over to the adult books, where gardening was half-off and I scored a wildflower guide for $1! 

From war to photography, memoirs and more, this bookstore has a bit of everything and is so well-organized you can easily browse without the stress of looking through shelf after shelf of mixed-up books.  The employees were also super nice and helpful! 

There were plenty of places to sit throughout the store, a nice bathroom, and a coffee maker. 

Local friends, I encourage you to stop in! 
Far-away friends, take a look at the shop online! :) 
I'll share what I'm reading in another post soon. 

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