Marching in with joy

We had our first full week of March and it was full of joy and surprises, like the snow we got this past weekend! Here's a little look at what we've been up to lately. 
We visited Grandma and Papaw's house and got to admire all the pretty things coming up in the yard, signs that spring is here!

Or so we thought! The very next day we got snow. I imagine winter was shaking its finger at spring saying "You're not rid of me yet!" .  Winter must have wanted to go out in joy and with a great memory too.  The girls loved the snow! Their excitement levels immediately ramped up to unbelievable. They kept yelling "Best snow day ever!" and "Best Christmas ever!" (who knows on that one).  Bless their Arkansas hearts. They have no idea this little dusting we got wasn't truly like a big snow, but it didn't make a bit of difference to their glad hearts.

My grandparents have the dreamiest yard! There are beautiful things growing everywhere you look. 

Wouldn't it be neat if we could say the same thing about our own lives? That we had beautiful things growing everywhere we looked. 

I tidied up the craft room (again) and got a teeny bit of time in here this weekend. I am always reminded how truly relaxing and lovely it feels to be tucked in here, especially if I have a time frame long enough to let my fingers and mind wander. Lately this has truly become a challenge, with the girls no longer needing naps like they did when they were babies. 

I'm trying to motivate myself to get up early and let the quiet of this space sink in before I need to start the busy day.
We started our hardest puzzle yet with the girls, a 550 piece Noah's Ark one! We all really like working puzzles together. 

I've also been reading a great book, working with the girls on their spelling, dreaming of summer vacation, trying to start painting at least once a week again, cooking the most delicious chili, and praying for our future foster kiddo. 

What does March look like in your neck of the woods?