Make a photo book with Blurb!

Morning friends! I'm back with another Blurb photo book today! I'm a huge advocate for putting your photos to use.  I hardly see the point in having a phone filled to the brim with photos, especially since I am on a mission lately to spend less time browsing my phone.  With that said, it is rather convenient to tuck my phone into my pocket when the camera feels too big and heavy to lug around.  

I take many photos with my phone that simply stay there, never making it onto Instagram.  This is very intentional usually. But just because I don't share every single photo I take doesn't make them any less valid or valuable than a photo that gets 50 likes. They each matter to me and are a part of my story.  Last week I decided to load all my current phone photos into Blurb's bookmaking program and make a photo book.  

I picked a favorite photograph, from a favorite Indian restaurant in town, for the front cover.  I also chose the 8x10 trade book format. 

From there I knew I had two choices.  One, load my photos, choose how many I wanted on each page, and click "auto-fill".  Or two, load my photos, choose a different format for each page and design them on my own, and add text. 
 Although creatively speaking I really enjoy designing each page and combining memories and text to go along with it, that is also very time-consuming. So for this particular book I chose the two-photo a page format and clicked "Auto-fill." 
 The results were simply wonderful, all those rich memories tucked into one book! 

 Some of the photos were edited previously because I'd shared them on IG or the blog. Others were simply snapped on my phone and then included in the book, no editing done at all. 

(the back cover!)
Looking through my photo books is good medicine for my soul.  Although each day feels rather ordinary, having a record of the rosy in my routine makes me think and feel otherwise when I take a trip down memory lane.  The small moments are truly the extraordinary ones it seems. 

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Time to empty the phones and fill up a book! :)