I missed painting the most.

My kiddos are getting older, as is evident by the fact that Anna Ruth has her first loose tooth.  Loose teeth actually, seeing as both her bottom, front teeth are loose. 

She's also registered for kindergarten and nap times are a thing of the past.  We still do an afternoon quiet time a few days a week, but it is short and sweet.  I've often said how much I adore my kids growing up, and I do! Creatively speaking I've found it very tricky to have time to paint, gone are the afternoons of tucking away in the craft room. 

I was reflecting on this new season and feeling like I might not ever paint again.  And that's what I missed the most, the painting.  But then I decided to change my perspective.  I could be like a lot of people and complain about the lack of _____________ or I could just happily roll with the seasons, instead focusing on what I can do.  Why bother, you ask? I've often heard moms say they just don't have time for anything for themselves or even say that they'll wait 'till their kids are grown. 

I must not be cut from the same cloth because I need to express myself artistically and creatively just as much as I need breakfast and my morning coffee.  It's good medicine for my mind and soul and life.  A book I read recently really inspired these thoughts (more on the book later) and so I've decided to embrace my art within the time frame I have.  One afternoon recently the girls and I set up our paints and paper on the back deck, each of us content in our own artsy world.  They painted for quite a while with me and it was precious.  Then they were off, running in the yard and I finished up this little painting. 

I don't even know why I like it, but I do. I really, really do.  This painting went through the normal creative cycle for me, meaning at some point I really DIDN'T like it at all, but I kept going. 

Once I felt like the painting was finished I almost literally heard it speak to me, as if to say "See, all that joy and color and art is still in there".  

What name would you give this painting? 
Do you share an understanding of the creative time crunch? 

**And please don't share/remind me that my time will shrink as my kids get older. :) I already get that and being reminded of it constantly sends my anxiety through the roof! Thank-you kindly***


  1. I will comment (as the mom of four older kiddos 24, 21, 19, 17) and say that while you may think your time will shrink as your sweet girls get older-and that is true to an extent-but it will also be very sweet in a different way. When my kids were young, I DREADED the growing up and passage of time but I want to assure you that it IS so sweet too! Don't let anyone tell you that teenagers are awful or make you dread those years. I loved my littles but, man, I have loved the teenagers and young adults I have just as much, if not more! Each stage has its pros and cons--nothing is ALL good or ALL bad. Your girls will cherish the time and love you've invested NOW, and they will be fabulous teenagers and young adults that you will love just as much! :-)

    1. Hi Jen! :) Your message encouraged me so much! I have read it over several times and am going to tuck these precious words down deep in my heart. Thanks for sharing!


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