Cousin Sleepover!

 The girls had their first sleepover last Friday!! This long-awaited event was actually planned well before Christmas, but sickness and other bits of inconvenient life kept getting in the way.  But finally last Friday night was the BIG moment for the girls' first sleepover with all their girl cousins! 
 Everyone arrived at our house around 4:00 and we had silly sunglasses waiting, as well as a pretty table and picture frames to paint later on in the night. It took the girls about two seconds to start giggling, talking, imagining, and having all kinds of fun! Oh, and running up and down the stairs and outside and then back inside again.  
 We first headed over to the pasture to get a look at the cows and see if we could spot any daffodils.  Sadly, the daffodils weren't ready to play, having been frosted over the week before. 
But that didn't stop us from making our own fun and capturing some fun shots too! 

 Then after plenty of playtime it was french bread pizza for the win! 
This worked great for everyone and was so easy to do for a small crowd. I cooked Italian sausage and also had black olives, mushrooms, shredded cheese, and homemade pizza sauce.  The girls loaded their french bread slice up with whatever toppings they liked and we stuck them in the oven at 350 for a few minutes to melt the cheese and get the bread crispy.

 These sweet girls LOVED the pizza! 
I adore this shot of them having their own prayer time before eating....and notice Anna sneaking a peek. 

 After a very giggly dinner the girls painted their picture frames.  We used grocery bags to pour the paint on and used regular acrylic paints, like you can get at Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart.  I also gave each gal a small cup of water and we used paper napkins to clean off the brushes. 

The frames are from Hobby Lobby and were bought when they were half-off!

 While the frames dried the girls went upstairs for a disco ball party, complete with percussion music (almost African sounding) and glow-sticks! I left them alone for this and heard through the baby monitor (yes, we still have one) the oldest gal organizing a "dance competition". 


To end this over-the-top night we had an Easter egg hunt to find candy and popped popcorn to eat while watching a movie. 

We made a giant blanket fort with twinkle lights for the girls to sleep under.
They finally all settled down around 11 and were up before 7 the next morning! 

I texted my sis and said "The only thing I can think of is-No talkie before coffee."
These girls seriously had so much fun though and we plan to do it again! 
Do your kids have sleepovers? 
I think I need to plan one for my grown-up girl friends next!