Book a spring/summer photo session.

These photographs were taken at the very first hint of spring, the warm sunlight and bright, yellow daffodils leading the way into one of my favorite seasons. 

Since these moments were captured the grass has turned green, the trees are budding out, and everywhere you look things are starting to bloom. 

I've read a quote before about how life starts all over again in the fall. 

But to me, spring always feels like a fresh start, a season of beginnings, sunshine, and color everywhere we look. 

Now is also a great time to book a photo session.  You and your family are welcome to come play on the farm or be captured where you're most comfortable, within your own home. 

I offer two types of sessions: 
One is a farm session, where you come out and play! 

The other is a longer, lifestyle session.  This is where I come into your home and capture your family as you go about your regular routine.  You could be in jammies, making Saturday morning pancakes. Or maybe firing up the grill, while the kids play in the back yard.  I'm not aiming for a perfectly clean house, perfect behavior, perfect appearances.  I'm aiming for the real life beauty, the joy and love that's tucked into the nooks and crannies of your everyday.  That's what I capture. 

I'm also open to other types of photo sessions as well, if you have a creative idea!
Maybe you want your child's birthday party captured, or a fun night with your girl friends. 
Or how much fun would a farm photo shoot be for your bible study friends, or tribe of people you call your own? 

The ideas are endless. 
To read more about a photo session, click on the "Photography Sessions" tab above.  To reserve your own session, email