Podcasts, peanuts, and playing

Happy weekend friends! What are your Saturday/Sundays like in this season of your life?  This is our busy time of year on the farm and at home.  We are doing lots of gardening and yard work, going to church, trying to get some Sabbath rest in, and spending time with family. 

A while back I blogged about a colorful spring bouquet I made.  Before I'd even arranged a single flower I had all of the supplies strewn about the craft room counter and they stopped me in my tracks.  Something about all that color and possibility smooshed up together just made my heart skip a beat, a sure sign that I needed to pay attention. 
You may be wondering what podcasts, peanuts, and playing have in common.  Paying attention, would sum it up well.  In times of too much business, even if it's just in my head, I often look to the weekends as my savior, a cure-all if you will.  I think something magical will take place on Saturday and Sunday that will make me feel rested and caught up and excited about everything in life once again.  I'm learning that simply isn't the truth, and that by slipping little moments into my week to be fully present, my mind is clearer, my focus undistracted, my love big. 

Moments like sitting at the table with the girls, cracking peanuts open for the fun of it. 

Moments like teaching the girls how to make pom poms, watching them giggle and get excited about a simple ball of yarn craft.  Just playing, for the pure fun of it. 

Another little way I like to turn off the inward noise is by occasionally listening to a podcast. 
My current favorite is Christy Nockel's podcast, called Glorious in the Mundane. 

What are you listening to lately?  Are you making room for bits of play?