My recent paintings.

It's no secret that the past few months or even year, have been very on course in some ways (see yesterday's post!) but also a bit off course in others.  My painting has gotten off course as the girls have grown older and my free time has grown smaller.  Also, now that I'm 33 a much bigger chunk of my free time is going towards my health and cooking, something my carefree 29-year old self didn't realize would happen. 

All that to say that I kept hearing one tiny voice telling me to maybe just be done with painting, that maybe it was selfish to try to squeeze just one more thing into my day, that I'm not that good anyway. 

Then the BIGGER, louder, voice-the roar of God I believe, said "no."
I kept hearing a loud pounding in my chest, telling me to get back to painting before I got too far gone.  To just pick up a paintbrush and try.  Not to worry about pleasing anyone else's eyes but my own.  To move on if I didn't like something but not to let that stop me in my tracks completely. 

To paint again! 
And so I did. 
Saturday morning while standing at the skillet doing breakfast duty, I began to paint.  

Watercolors were my medium of choice because they're so easily portable. 

Later in the afternoon I was so fired up and excited about all that color staring back at me that I went in and added some acrylic paints as well. 
I wouldn't consider any of these paintings finished, but I like what I see. 
Especially the pink paintings. 

"I painted something today that I liked and that made my heart beat real hard", is what I shared with Brett later.   Two things are sure signs that I need to keep following a certain way, tears and a pounding heart.  I'm so glad I picked up the paintbrush again! 

I plan to paint on and have a little sale on IG soon.  
My Instagram account is therosylifeblog

What have you done that's made you feel alive lately?