Forget-me-not frost

 I thought I'd take a peek into the posts I had stockpiled, pictures just waiting for their words. 

A few posts made their way into the trash, the memory of the moment enough, words not needed. 

A few posts though, needed to be written about before the seasons changed again. Here in Arkansas we are well on our way to spring already and these photographs of the first frost feel like a distant memory.  I have never once regretted taking a pause to remember the ordinary signs that life was ALIVE, the world more vibrant than what typically meets the eye. 

I remember this morning well.  It was a Saturday and the first frost had coated the ground, as if Jack Frost himself had paid us a visit overnight.  He spared not a single blade of grass, nor a shard of beauty.  I quickly suited up in my farm boots and bulky coat, camera in hand.  It wasn't long before my breath swirled in frosty tendrils through the air, my eyes wide open and my camera going "click, click".  

From a distance the earth looked simply cold. Nothing to see, just a barren winter ground waiting for spring. 

Until I got closer. 

Once I got down to the frosty leaves looking like cookies coated with frosting, to the blades of grass still colorful and sparkling like glitter, I knew this was a moment to behold. 

I wonder how much this forget-me-not frost is begging me to learn this lesson in my day-to-day life? 

That season, neighborhood, situation that looks barren and cold from a distance? 
Perhaps I just need to look closer. 
Maybe once I put my ear down to the earth and the hearts of those around me, my world will come alive with the beautiful details and intricacies of a God-made world. 

This little nugget of truth is what I'm choosing to carry with me this Friday. 
Even though my eyes may be delighted with the bright yellow daffodils we discovered yesterday, that's almost an easier beauty to notice.  Of course we can smile at the sun and the flowers! 

But what if your season of life isn't full of sun and flowers currently? 
Remember the forget-me-not frost. 


  1. Love these frost photos! I especially like the fall leaves and the last photo. Your message is beautiful and true, as well. Julie


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