The bouquets are back.

While some of you have experienced mounds of white snow, flurries of snowflakes, and dreamy winter scenes, we've had an Arkansas winter yet again.  This means a bit of cold (which feels like a LOT of cold to us Arkansans), a lack of color outside,  and just enough snowflakes to raise our hopes we might get a real snow.  But here we are in February, not a snowflake in sight. 

Instead, the bouquets are back. 
We have a random patch of daffodils that cheerfully lead the parade of spring onto the farm each year. I like to think the patch is our own secret spot, seeing as it's tucked back into the woods where most wouldn't even notice it.  But we know it's there.  A few weeks ago we went to check on the progress of the daffodils after having a string of warm days.  Sure enough we spotted green poking their way through the mound of brown leaves.  A spring color! Hooray!

The girls and I went back on Friday, taking a ride on our Ranger.  As soon as we peered down into the woods and saw that flash of yellow we started cheering.  The daffodils were back and blooming!

We quickly picked a bouquet and as soon as Brett got home I said this:
"The bouquets are back and that means everything is going to be ok." 
Without missing a beat, he smiled and said "yep", knowing exactly what I meant. 
The bouquets are reminders of God's beauty, a sign of cheer, and excitement and hope for all that is to come. For when our winter grown looked brown and dirty and vacant, something was brewing underneath. 

The bouquets. 


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