A Spotify playlist for you. (warning: it's random)

They say variety is the spice of life.  Well, things are certainly spicy enough over here with this random Spotify playlist I've put together.  As I looked through the song titles after I made it I had the quick thought "Will they think this is a joke?!"  It's not, by the way.  I truly like a good playlist that is totally random.  Have ever since the good 'ol days of illegally burning cd's and songs off of our giant desktop computers when I was in college. (shh..don't tell)
Music is so much a part of my life.  I'm surprised I don't talk about it here more often but I suppose I'll piggyback on Beth Moore's explanation as to why she doesn't typically share what she's reading.  I heard her answer that question on a podcast once and found myself nodding along to her response.  In short, she said that she doesn't often like to share what she's reading because then she finds it makes her responsible for everything that author has ever said/written/thought (lol).  Of course I am in no way the sort of influencer that Mrs. Moore is.  But I get where she's coming from.  For instance, what if I share a favorite book/song/website and then maybe there's a part I particularly don't agree with.  Which is rather hard to explain to the internet world, but rather easy for me to go "nah, I'm leaving that lyric/statement alone".  You get what I'm saying. Sharing just bears such responsibility. 
But the truth is I DO love Spotify and music.  Sometimes I'll find myself in a "blah" mood and go click on Spotify.  A few minutes in, the blah's are long gone and I find myself shaking it to the Trolls soundtrack with the girls instead.  So tonight I'm sharing a favorite, most random playlist EVER.  It will blow your minds.  You'll probably scratch your head in wonder, looking around the room, questioning if I could possibly be serious with such a mash-up. Country music with Jennifer Hudson?  Michael W. Smith meets Make You Mine by High Valley?  Say it 'ain't so?! 

But it is.  And it's a delight. 
I'll go ahead and say "You're welcome." 

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