A creative wish-list. (and phone pics galore!)

 My goodness what kind, encouraging folks you all are!  Of course I already knew that, but reading each of your comments after my last blog post just confirmed what I already knew was true.  All the lovely people that read this blog are just that-lovely.  And I truly cannot thank you enough.  How wonderful to feel like so many of you get me and where I'm coming from on this health journey.  We are truly not alone are we? 
 Now let's jump into the 50,000 pics that were trapped inside my iPhone, screaming to get out.  Don't worry, there aren't really 50,000 photos. Just a lot.  I suppose I'll let them speak for themselves. I present you, the beautiful, messy, and wonderful parts of my life.  Stay tuned 'till the end, I have creative thoughts to share and questions to ask! 


 My Anna, on the Dayspring website!!
 Get it girl. 
Anna breaks into wild dance at story time each week.  It's as if the library has some kind of unleashing power and she just lets it all out. Delights me every single time. 

 If I have faith like a child....

 We love our preschool!!

 Watching the Christmas parade and all the lights on our town square turn on! 

 Lots (and lots) of photo shoot prep happened this month!

 "Before".  Totally real-life.
 "After." Sometimes real life. 

 Betsy turned 4!

 Surprised the girls with a trip to a favorite local park...isn't it beautiful?!
 I got to hold my best friend's baby! 

 We are attending First Presbyterian Church now and are loving it and feeling right at home.

 Love my twin!

 Painting, I haven't forgotten you. You forever delight me!
 THESE are the boots you want for the farm.  They are so, so warm.  A thrift-store find!
 Snowball fight at the library! 

(and get this-it really DID snow outside, right after story time was over!)

Whew, we made it. 
Now lean in close because friends, I need your thoughts! 

Ok, so I've been so super busy with photo sessions (SO delighted) that I haven't had a free moment to spare in a while.  But my sessions are all caught up and now every little creative thought that's been put on the back burner in my mind is speaking up loud and clear.   I'd really like to tackle two creative projects this winter. 

Take an online photography course and figure out some sort of journaling/scrapbooking/planner format that will work for me.  Any suggestions for me on either project?  

What have you taken? What do you recommend?  I'd love to hear! 

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