A favorite things party!

Good morning friends! Are you ready for Christmas? It's the age-old question that we're never sure how to answer.  In fact, I got asked that just yesterday as I was taking down the trash.  My immediate response was "no"!  But then I laughed and said yes, I guessed I was.  I must admit this year I have such mixed feelings.  Both bitter and sweet.  I hear songs like "I'll be home for Christmas" and I picture the hundreds of foster children who won't be home this Christmas and who weren't last year or the year before that.  It makes me ache.  Then I think about how fun my girls are at this stage-still young enough to have wild imaginations (if they're lucky they'll always have one like their mama, no matter the age), but old enough where going places and seeking new adventures is just incredibly fun. That's the sweet part.  All that to say, will you pray for those in your community today?  Those hurting, those needing a home, those for whom this season is simply the hardest?  I'll say a prayer too, because maybe that's you.  
Another sweet side of this season are the birthdays.  We have Betsy's so close to Thanksgiving and then my older sisters at the beginning part of December.  We all know December has the potential to be the busiest month EVER so my sister's birthday plans often look quite different than mine, which is in September.  This year though she decided to have a party and I'm so glad she did! 

(That's my older sister on the right, in the plaid)

It was a favorite things party and so much fun!  Maybe you've heard of these or vaguely recall seeing an idea for one on Pinterest.  Let me tell you how it works! 
(Grandma and my nephew!)
Each of the party-goers (and there were a lot of us!) brought two bags with their favorite thing(s) inside.  One bag was for Becca, for a birthday present. The other bag of favorites were to share.  
So all the favorite things bags were put in a giant pile and then everyone wrote their name down on a scrap of paper.  If your name was called you explained how you knew Becca and told a story about her (this was fun), then explained what you brought and why.  

Next you drew a name and that person got your bag of favorite things to keep, and then they went on to do the same process of explaining how they knew Becca and what they brought/why.  

See how that works? 

There was such a great turnout and people who knew Becca from all walks of life! I loved hearing all the sweet stories and connections of how many people my sister and her family have loved on and impacted.  We also all brought food to share! There is nothing better than a potluck! 
I brought the vegan, paleo, gluten-free, maple-syrup sweetened Twix bars I just can't stop sharing. 
Find them here!

This was one of my favorite memories of the Christmas season! I think Becca should make it a yearly tradition. 

What traditions do you carry on as a family?  Anything we should start at our house?  
Oh, and in case you're wondering what I took for my favorite things it was a bag of polka dot balloons, a calendar you can color, a candle, baker's twine, an art print, and a jar of Aldi Indian sauce. 


  1. This sounds like so much fun! One of our traditions is taking a huge family photo. My sis-in-law always sets up the tripod while the rest of us get in place (usually on the front porch). Then the best part is her pushing the timer button and running to get in place before it goes off. She does this several times and we're usually all laughing by the time the pictures are taken.

  2. I love reading about your family photo tradition Debbie! :) How did they go this year?!


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