This weekend we had some winter weather, with just a tease of snow and some ice.   But that involved my two sisters and sister-in-law on the dangerous roads, slowly creeping along trying to get home.   That is the side of winter weather that I'd rather forget, like the last almost-red tomato of the season.  Almost like the real thing, almost good, but not quite.  We had the ice storm of 2009, that made the Weather Channel's list of "10 worst ice storms in the nation", so I suppose ice will forever be on my naughty list.  But snow?  Snow makes me think of Gilmore Girls, snow angels, and snow globes.  Snow is definitely on the nice list. 
A week or two ago the girls and I were at our most favorite library ever, listening to our most favorite librarian ever at story time.  From singing and dancing to doing the limbo, story time has it all.  It's such a bright spot in our week and this week was no exception.  We spent the hour with eyes aglow over that week's theme, "Wish for snow".  There was even a cotton ball snow fight at the end!  

Afterwards we headed to the tiny tables to do a snow painting and suddenly Anna's eyes popped wide open and she excitedly said "Mom!! It's snowing!".  We rushed to the giant wall of windows and sure enough it was.  It took about a second for all the others in the library to notice and soon squeals of joy were heard from every nook and cranny.  It was truly magical. 

After reading such an explanation you'd probably expect a photo with mounds of snow, but instead just this little dusting came to delight us.  For the girls that was all it took to make their eyes wide, hearts light, and joy unspeakable.  

E. E. Cummings puts it quite well-(exists no miracle mightier than this: to feel).

My girls are quite attuned to the miracles of life, to feeling and understanding that the tiny joys of life are really the big ones disguised as little.  Their imaginations know no bounds.
 They are daily teaching me to stop looking for the next bigger thing, the next season of life, the next this or that.  Instead, to simply feel life as it is, right where we are. 

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