Share hope (DIY painted rocks)

I kind of let a whole week go by on the blog, mostly on purpose.  On the forefront of our nation's news has obviously been the presidential election.  I've found it's simply brought out the best and worst of people on social media.  I certainly have opinions and ideals about our country, the same as I hope everyone in America does.  But you know me, I typically lean towards the rosy side of life, my half-full glass of optimism in hand.  So I suppose rather than try to jump in with my own two cents I felt that quiet and creating could do more good than harm.  

I've also been working on a few things with my health.  Nothing major, but some changes that are long over-due and needing some time and attention.  And let's see....what else haven't I told you? 

I've been busier than ever with photo sessions and what fun I am having!! I truly, deeply, adore photographing love and emotions and joy and fun and real, life people and stories.  My editing is keeping my heart full these days.  
So maybe you're like me and this quote from Dallas Clayton rings true for you-"Maybe it's cold and maybe you're tired and maybe the road is long.  But maybe conditions like these are required to birth your most beautiful song."

This month of November is all about changing habits, walking bravely into so much change (our country too, yes?).  But just maybe the things churning in our stories, lives, and hearts are the exact ingredients perhaps for a catalyst to a new, fresh story we haven't even dreamed up yet.  
I sure think so. 

The way I unwind and process and let my soul breathe deep is by creating.  Specifically painting.  I also find that tucking little inspirational words and quotes into the nooks and crannies of my home are like leaving a trail of gifts for myself, to remind me of the goodness of God's grace and this life. 
To make these I simply loaded up some smooth rocks, while visiting the river one day.  
I then painted on them with acrylic paints, adding the finishing touch with a word sticker on top.  

These would also be lovely reminders to stack up high and give to a friend or to leave randomly about town.  You never know who may be needing your boost of encouragement. 

Today, let's embrace singing our most beautiful song. 
I'll help you, and you help me, together we belong. 

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