Hello November

I am turning into one of those adults who says things like "I can't believe how fast time is going!".  The truth is, it's true.  It seems like we were just anticipating October and pumpkins and fall leaves and here we are, knocking on November's door.  The weather is such a boring place to go I know, but bear with me.  It has been unseasonably warm in Arkansas, like in the 70's or 80's.  This warm weather gal is loving it! Although I do admit to longingly dreaming of long-sleeves and hot tea without breaking out in a sweat.  

Just a few days ago my November calendar was clear and now it's almost full.  As I was filling in each little square I reminded myself of a favorite line I've read-"I'm the boss of me."  

I don't mean that in a haughty, selfish, "I'll do what I want!" kind of way.  Instead it's my reminder that God is the leader of my thoughts and heart and my "yeses and no's."  I can be as busy and stressed as I want.  Or as committed to a handful of really great things as I want.  I suppose that's how I'm entering November this year.  Remembering that much of life is about choice.  Choices that can mean silliness and fun over stress, new adventures and never-ending delight over negativity.  

There are a million ways we could feel pulled this month.  From decorating to cooking to family photos, early Christmas shopping, holiday parties, and planning the most exciting holiday adventures.  My prayer for myself and each of you is that we find that small flame of hope, that flicker of quiet in this never-ending hustle and bustle and hold true to that. 

Maybe it will mean we focus entirely on gratitude this season, spending our time and money giving to others and lighting a path of hope for someone in desperate need.

Maybe we will drink our tea or coffee outside in the quiet, for 10 minutes a day, just our Savior and us.

Maybe having a quiet soul will mean less decorations, more hugs and prayers and laughing. 

Maybe quiet will actually look loud, inviting people in to our homes as a place of refuge and joy. 

Maybe quiet will look like checking in on a friend consistently in this busy season, and not letting anyone in our circles get lost in the shuffle. 

I don't know what the quiet calm of gratitude and serving others will look like for you this season.  But I want it for you.  I pray that you find your flicker of hope and that if you're the one needing the hope today, someone comes and stands so near to you to let you borrow their light. 


  1. I love your perspective. I also love the quiet, beautiful way you capture every day life.

  2. This. I adore every word you chose in this post. Thank you for sharing.

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