Photography class-Saturday, November 12th!

Hi everyone! 

I want to make a quick announcement today-I am teaching a photography class on the farm in a couple of weeks!  I'd been playing around with the idea in my mind and then a few people asked me about a class, all within a week.  I took it as a sign and ran with it! 

This class will take place on the farm Saturday, November 12th from 10:00-4:00.

*We will cover many topics during that time such as:
*How to turn your camera off "auto" and use manual mode instead
*ISO/shutter speed/aperature (how to get that "blur" that so many of us are crazy about)
*all about lighting
*phone photography
*your inspiration/photography style
*editing! I will walk you through my editing process for both the phone and camera
*editing programs

plus many extras like where to get your photos/photo books/business cards printed, my favorite photography books and magazines, and tips for product/prop styling! 

There will be plenty of time for instruction, one-on-one help and practice, as well as time for eating, getting to know one another, and having fun! 

The cost for the full day is $95.  This includes a journal for taking notes, photo gifts from me, lunch and snacks, and helpful tip sheets for your learning journal. 
You can reserve your spot by messaging me on Facebook or emailing  
Hurry! Registration ends Friday, November 4th. 

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