A quick trip to Kansas City!

I crave travel. Whether it's simply exploring my own hometown with my wide-eyed wonders in tow, or visiting a new city altogether, there is just something about getting out of the little routine of life that does wonders for my soul. 

Friday Brett surprised the girls and I and took the day off!  We quickly decided to venture to a city that is becoming one of our top favorites, Kansas City.
 Brett found the most awesome deal on Priceline and this was the view from our hotel! My sweet mom-in-law came with us and got a room right across the hall, which was also fun! 
 This sums up my life pretty well! I sure do love traveling with the girls.  It is really pretty easy these days! We pack fairly light, they don't need naps or quiet time on a daily basis, and can walk longer than a few feet.  All game-changers!  
 Just another stop on my Vintage Style magazine tour-haha! 
Actually my dear Brett started looking for the magazine and our home inside, without me even thinking of it.  
 Beauty found in the most unlikely of places, the parking garage.
 I don't own a single bit of clothing from Anthropologie and probably never will. ($$$$$) BUT, their displays are genius.  The "take note" above?  Made of pencils, eraser side out.  

 I do adore their home goods and mugs, specifically.  I treated myself to a new tall mug, with florals and a lid.  Now I can stop spilling coffee and tea on myself during all the driving I do. 

Oh, and the mug I purchased says "You look good."  Can't ever help to give yourself a little encouragement, can it? 

 A highlight of the city this time was taking my girls to one of the happiest places on earth-PAPER SOURCE.  Brett and I went into a Paper Source in NYC last December and I just fell in love.  I also instantly knew how much I wished my girls could have experienced it too.  So today made up for it!  

 Any vacation day must include a trip to a bookstore.  Barnes and Noble for the win! 
 You guys, this little breakfast/brunch spot was my absolute fave.  It was cozy and creative and artsy.  Super artsy.  Plus they had all the different kinds of food that are so delicious, like the "vegan sink", that I ordered!

 My "sink" breakfast had baby spinach, potato, mushroom, succotash, and lima bean hummus.  It was crazy good and healthy too.  
 This art was on the wall behind me at breakfast!  I think this is what the inside of my brain looks like!
 The coffee was also spot-on at Succotash.  Seriously folks, if you're near KC, go here!
 More beautiful hotel views!  I seriously love and adore our farm life, but I also need to feel the rhythm of a city at least a couple times a year! 
 These beds were super, super comfy.  We were all prepared for the girls to sleep on a pallet on the floor, which they have done before and love.  But we showed up and there were two beds in our room! Thank-you Jesus!  So they got to share a bed instead.  Anna told me "We held hands while we slept".  LOL. 

 This hotel was the Sheraton at Crown Center.  Using Priceline "Express Deal" we seriously got it for half-price! The way to go if your plans allow for spontaneity.
 Another very enjoyable activity we did was visit Science City at Union Station.  We were able to use our Amazeum passes (our local children's museum) and get in for free.  I was getting ready to pay for my mom-in-law and the man just let her get in for free too, "since we'd traveled all that way."  Another thank-you Jesus.  

 Union Station is just dreamy.  
We stayed one night and relaxed in the hotel, shopped a bit, went to Science City, and ate at really fun places!  On the way home we stopped in this tiny town for Brett to get some new boots at a boot store.   The trip was quick, time-wise, but felt long.  It was so, so good to get away with my favorite people! Seeing new sights, window displays, art, people.....well, it all just fills my soul right on up.  I came home with buckets of creative ideas to do for my photo shoots and at home. 

Mostly I came home more in love with my family and KC both.  
A win-win! 

Have you ever been to KC?  What are your favorite things to do? 
We have plans to go back for the zoo, aquarium, Ikea, and maybe a baseball game! 

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