A few photo spots left and my art shop!

 "Do you still have your Etsy shop?"  I've also been asked "Do you still paint?" 
How kind of someone to think to ask me about this!  My answers?  
Yes and yes.  
 If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you've seen that I've been quite the busy photographer this summer and fall!  What an unexpected blessing!  I have had the privilege of photographing well over a dozen families this year.  In years past I would have dreamed of this number!  It is truly a dream come true that I am getting to capture such real-life beauty and stories.  With that said, if you are wanting photos made for a Christmas card, I have only a couple spots left in December! Feel free to email sunshinebysara@hotmail.com for more details or click on the "Photography FAQ" tab at the top of the blog!  
Because I am a stay-at-home mama and my creative time is totally up to me, that means I'm usually editing photos or making art when everyone else in the house is eating lunch or in bed!  I've learned to be pretty picky about piling on the "yeses" and to be choosy about when I hand one out.  So my painting time has obviously diminished a tiny bit because my photography time has grown and grown.  There is an ebb and flow to my creative journey and I've come to appreciate that.  
 I do, however, have an Etsy shop full of art and photographs that make my heart totally sing! 
There are 8x10 high-quality, archival photographs and art prints, original paintings, and photo canvases for sale! 

You can find my Etsy shop here: TheRosyLife

Use coupon code GIVETHANKS25 for 25% off your order, now 'till Thanksgiving! 
Simply enter the code at check-out! 
Happy shopping!