Make a photo book with Blurb!

 There is almost nothing better to me than sitting down with a big, giant photo book of my own life story.  It's not that I am so full of myself I think I'm just super interesting.  It's that God and life are super interesting and beautiful and so very present.  It is worth noting, which you know I do with my photographs.  It is totally worth taking it a step further and actually doing something with all those photographs! 
 If taking a photograph blesses me already, imagine what flipping through a photo book does for my heart.  Friends, it is just good, good medicine.  I love to look at the whole string of tiny, rosy moments taken day in and day out and see them play back in my mind.  It feels like a parade of hope and joy in my mind.  I have a few favorite photo printing companies already, specifically Social Print Studio and Artifact Uprising.  Lately though on a favorite blog of mine (Shutterbean), she mentioned Blurb.  I'd looked into it several times before but hadn't ever ordered a book from them.  I first made a short photo book to test out the quality of the paper and photos.  I was super pleased! 

So this time I went big.  Go big or go home, they say.  318 pages later, my newest photo book was made.
 You have options when making a photo book like this.  You can spend as much or little time on it as you want.  The creative in me wants to spend hours and hours, creating perfect collages and just right text.  But I'm trying to learn to be honest with myself in this busy season that is about to get busier! I simply don't have the time for a 10-hour photo book.  Instead I sat down one afternoon and clicked on all my favorite from the past 8 or 9 months and did an instant upload to Blurb.  I then clicked the "auto-fill" button and told myself it would be fun to see how the book turned out! More of a surprise that way! 

 And you know what? 
I LOVE how the book turned out!  I love the placement of the photos and how perfect matches seemed to end up side by side.  I couldn't be more pleased.  

 For those wondering, the paper is not the glossy, thick paper that photo books typically have.  Instead it's similar to the look and feel of a paperback book.  One of the biggest selling points for me was the richness and trueness of the photo colors compared to them on my screen as well as the price!  Photo books don't sit on the shelf to look pretty at our house.  They are very well loved and need to be able to be replaced without making a huge dent in our bank account.  Blurb's prices are awesome! 
As always, no credit goes to me whether you make a book with them or not!
I just like to share my favorite things and I definitely think this would be a favorite of yours too! 


  1. I have several of their books but it is all the pics and words from my blog! I haven't done it in a few years, though. Guess it is time to catch up. Thanks for the reminder. Yours turned out fabulous.

  2. Sara, thanks for this tip! I love photo books!


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