Autumn abundance

There are some things we do every year, every season, as steady as the leaves that fall on a windy October day.  Raking the first leaf pile of the autumn season is one of those sacred things.

We are such summer gals, my two girls and I.  Give us a swimsuit, some sunscreen, and a bit of freedom any day!  But more important than which season our personalities seem to lean towards is the choosing of an abundant outlook on life, no matter what the season.  I suppose we can all go kicking and screaming through life, ranting about whichever tiny details don't suit us best.  Or I suppose we could also choose to find joy in each and every season and find great delight in certain rhythms and rituals that only come around once a year.  Although it feels almost painfully hard to watch the dark come around earlier and earlier this time of year, we choose to live in the abundance of autumn. 

That means I get both physical exercise and an exercise in joy as I rake the leaves again and again for my girls. 

Choosing abundance means we begin to stack the wood for nights by the fire. 
We collect presents for Operation Christmas child, learning how our abundance isn't really ours at all and the power of drawing a wider circle for others and sharing and giving big. 

Abundance means we light all the candles because they make the house glow and keep the darkness at bay.  Autumn abundance means we abide in the faithful, true word of God that says that "Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world."  (1 John 4:4)  

We say yes to a cozy home,
yes to delighting in the small things like beautiful acorns dropped,
 yes to foster care,
yes to stacks of books,
yes to figuring life out, one day at a time.

Yes to together.

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