A cat color page just for you.

I had plans to make a coloring book.  I just adore them and you can't walk in a single bookstore without seeing row after row of gorgeous, inspiring color books staring back at you. 
"I could do that", I thought.  And I could.  And maybe someday I actually will! 

I started sketching pages.  I even announced on IG I was going to go for it!  But here lately in this new season of life that is just more full than it ever has been before, I've started telling myself this mantra: Be creative today, right where you are, with what life is handing you in this present moment. So the truth is my hands and heart are in all kinds of fun stuff and creativity lately!  A coloring book will just have to wait.  But you know what my very next thought was?! 

How much FUN would it be to put my color pages on the blog!
So my creative cat and I would like to say "Welcome to the first installment of The Rosy Life color pages!" 

These are for personal use only (I know, the boring disclaimer), but you are free to print this cutie cat out and color to your heart's delight! 

You can find the cat here.


  1. very cute! I just printed one for my daughter and she said "Awwww!"


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