I'm a BraveGirl.

Our rural internet has been down and I have missed occupying this little corner of the web the past few days.  A few weeks back I had a rare, gem of a morning.  I typically don't like to go into details about our morning routine because I've noticed people get really weird sometimes about what your household does vs. mine.  To put it simply, I've found what works for us and that's that.  But I will say in full disclosure this particular morning my girls were asleep past seven.  We had nowhere to go that morning, at least not until later.  I poured my coffee, drank in the silence and breathed deep the intoxicating aroma of morning.  After my usual few sips I noticed something-no one was awake yet.  With an extra bit of pep in my step I started across the house to my craft room but something stopped me in my tracks. 
It was damp and foggy outside, a magical kind of morning.  The painting and crafting would simply have to wait.  The world was just begging to be noticed right outside the front door! 

I quickly pushed my much smaller feet into Brett's big farm boots and went clunking along outside, camera in hand.  When I walked up to the farm fence I noticed the greatest beauty was found inside the pasture.   I quickly slipped my camera strap around my neck and made my way over the fence, secretly praying the neighbors wouldn't notice what I was up to again.  

I suppose from far away the pasture would have looked pretty enough.  But up close, it told a whole different story.  Pretty doesn't even begin to describe it.  Captivating, or mesmerizing is more like it.  

This whole tiny world, all within a few feet on the farm pasture, simply felt alive. 

While I normally drag my feet into fall, eyes still searching the horizon for summer, this particular morning reminded me in no time at all that there is beauty to be had in all the seasons.  The same is true of life.  

This is why I adore photography so much.  It has helped my eyes notice this grand world like I never would have otherwise.  Some people see the camera as a distraction to participating in life.  I see it as a record keeper, a memory holder, a lens through which all of life deems worthy of noticing.

I was asked by a friend of mine to contribute photos to a blog she is a part of called BraveGirl. I thought and prayed about it for a few days, but really as soon as she had asked I thought a giant "yes!" inwardly.  It is this view on life, this gift of seeing what others may not, that I wish to offer as a pleasing act of worship to God.  

So I said "yes".  I am meeting the rest of the BraveGirls this week and soon you'll see my photography on the blog, a small offering of what a big God we serve collectively, together.  

You can check out my BraveGirl profile and why contributing to this blog means so much to me here.


  1. What a beautiful morning. It is like it's own form of worship...this noticing, is it not? God is good. xo


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