DIY Painted Step

I'm sorta known for not being real organized, or at least it doesn't come naturally to me.  However, when I used to teach I had 28 little souls to keep up with and that taught me a lot about having systems in place and being more organized.  Those lessons transferred to being a mom and especially now that I'm a mom of two.  So all that to say I found myself in the garage last week, looking around at the dirtiness, spiders, and junk wondering "where did all this come from?" My husband usually cleans out the garage, every few months or so. This time it was my turn.  

I got to work cleaning out the whole garage and then giving it a good sweep and vacuum with the shop vac.  After all that my eyes landed on this sad, dirty little step.  We go over it a million times a week, seeing as it's the step that goes from the house to the garage.  I decided I'd paint it. 

A few coats of wild paint later, it looked much happier.  Brett said he felt like he was living in the "My Little Pony" house and I told him his feet would surely thank him every time he stepped on this delight of a step. 

This is our funny life and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Now go do your feet a favor and paint your own step! :) 


  1. At least it is impossible to be sad when you see that! Surely a smile will grace the face of whomever steps on it!

  2. This is so cute! Gives me good ideas :)


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